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Relocation house is partnered with various traders.
Flexible suggestions are possible according to customer's request.

※Estimates of moving operations, contracts, etc. will be made directly between you and the moving company.
※The privilege contents mentioned above may change without notice.
※Moving company benefits may not be covered depending on the services.
※Please be sure to refer to Relocation House Co., Ltd.

■Affiliated Service

Affiliated Contents Phone number
引越しのサカイ Moving price up to 20% OFF
Contract free service
Up to 50 boxes of corrugated paper · Free to hanger case 5 boxes · Free to 2 shoes boxes
Optional service
Piano · transport · air conditioner removal · installation
ヤマトホームコンビニエンス Rakuraku time service 20% off basic charge
(10% OFF from 3/20 to 4/10)
アート引越センター Monday/Thursday 20% OFF
Fri/Sat/Sun.10% OFF
30 boxes of corrugated paper · 2 gum tapes free service
Eco music box free rental
Furniture transfer service (Furniture movement can be used once for free ,within one year after moving)
アーク引越センター 20 % off regulatory fees
Crinkle water bottle as a gift
Life support mail order catalog gift
日本通運 Fare 10% OFF from the estimated price
Personnel expenses and material costs are 20% OFF
(10% OFF from 3/20 to 4/10)
1,000 yen discount per one single pack and one room package
Nittsu Assistance Service First year subscription is free.
ハート引越センター Moving fee up to 30% OFF
Receiving imperfections free of charge
Cardboard · Gummedape Present
Hanger box Free Rental
Air conditioner relocation (special rate)
アリさんマーク Moving fee 10% OFF
50 boxes of corrugated paper · 2 pieces of gum tape. 2 comforter bags servic
Luggage storage service
Elevator free service
Luggage insurance service
Air conditioner with special price (11000 yen (tax excluded) ~)
Special discount for piano transport (10000 yen (excluding tax) ~)
Retrieval of waste products (chargeable)

■Furniture lease

Affiliated Contents Phone number
東京リース Tokyo lease 03-3585-5801

■Type of Infrastructure

Contract of each infrastructure and change of contract contents can be opened and changed on the Internet as well. Procedures for each company are here. For other procedures please contact our staff.

Type of Infrastructure service Contents Phone number
東京電力 http://www.tepco.co.jp/index-j.html 0120-995-005
東京ガス http://www.tokyo-gas.co.jp/ 0570-002211
東京都水道局 https://www.waterworks.metro.tokyo.jp/ 03-5326-1100