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Lending Flow

We want to be a trusted and reliable company; our experienced staff will support you all throughout our transaction. We have policies that we are working on improving daily. We will respond in good faith to aim a transaction that allows us to have a long-term relationship with each other, from assessment of property to recruitment of tenants, leasing of contracts, delivery and subsequent support.

1. Conclusion of intermediation agreement

Conclusion of intermediation agreement

We will assess the forecast rent based on recruitment and concluding case of similar properties in the neighborhood. After that, we will decide conditions. Like security deposit, key money, contract term, renewal availability and so on. Afterwards, we will conclude a mediation agreement with our company.

2. Tenant Application

Tenant Application

Recently, most of our customers make inquiries via the Internet that’s why we provide advertisements to various internet sites. We will report the status of recruitment activities every two weeks and will update you regularly.

3. Lease agreement

Lease agreement

As soon as we acquire an offer to rent a property, we will negotiate the terms on behalf of the owner. Our company conducts credit investigation, etc., and it is included in the flow of a contract if such conditions are met. We prepare all required documents, like the contract and the important explanations are made by our company and translate it to English if deemed necessary.

4. Contract


We prepare a checklist beforehand regarding the property, and check the condition inside and outside of the property. At the same time, we also check the status of incidental facilities and all other points that are likely to be the source of problems later. After that, we will also do some follow-ups whenever possible.

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