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Selling Flow

The sale of real estate involves a lot of money.

“Hence, to be able to have a peace of mind, we are trying to show you our integrity and sincerity.” This guide explains procedure of selling a property.



Please approach our assessment staff. After the field survey, we will make an appropriate assessment regarding market trends, case examples of transactions and neighboring markets. Please be assured that we strictly adhere to the obligation of confidentiality regarding consultation on sale of real estate.

2.Mediation agreement · Sales activity

Mediation agreement · Sales activity

We will negotiate to have an intermediary agreement between "Exclusive right-to-sell", "Exclusive brokerage" and "Non-exclusive brokerage", between our company, the owner and our customers. After that, we will conduct sales activities through registration with the Real Estate Distribution Organization, various advertisements and Internet sites.

3.Sale contract

Sale contract

We will carry out the negotiation conditions directly when the buyer appears. If negotiations are settled, we will present explanations of important matters, confirmation of accessories, delivery of sales contracts, transfer of deposits, etc., at the attendance of our staff/s.

4.Registration / Delivery

Registration / Delivery

Procedures for registering transfer of ownership, giving and receiving balance payment, paying other expenses such as taxes etc. will be done. While there is a detailed exchange with the buyer between the contract and delivery. Our company will follow-up per some situations.

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