Other services



Contract renewal

Relocation House has a program that helps tenants with the renewal of their contracts once it expires. The company contacts the owner and negotiates a new contract based on the tenants requirements.

Car services

The company has a large fleet of cars that can assist in the viewing of properties. In addition to this, we are affiliated with a car service known as Tokyo VIP rental car which has a wide range of vehicles ranging from luxury vehicles to larger vehicles that have a sitting capacity of seven people. All of this is at a reasonable market rate.

Moving companies

After customers successfully complete and sign the contract agreement, our company can assist in the tedious process of moving by offering a list of moving companies that we partnered with. Using any of these companies will automatically give the customer a special discount due to a referral from us.

Furniture lease

We are also affiliated with Tokyo Lease Corporation. This is a company that leases furniture at reasonable prices to our customers